Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crunchy, Ashy Hair

Hi Again,

So I did a no poo wash today because I am one of those people that absolutely has to wash my hair every week and I am totally out of all of my favorite shampoos. I thought that the no poo wash would leave my hair feeling clean and soft because for those of you that don't know, a no poo wash is when you wash your hair using only conditioner. To my surprise, my hair feels really crunchy...YIKES!...and it looks ashy. I think that there is some kind of change going on with me because my hair is really doing some weird things these days. Because of all the fuss, I have decided to order the WEN hair care system. It is supposed to clean the hair using only natural oils. I watched the infomercial the other day and decided to give it a try. I will do a product review once it gets here. Hopefully the total system will be worth the $29 that I am paying. Has anyone else tried this before? Also, does anyone else have any suggestions for ashy dry looking hair. I did my usual moisturizing routine after washing and everything but for some reason today my hair just wants to do its own thing; but on a good note, my scalp does feel clean and it's not itchy at all.

I tried to capture the dull dry crunchiness of the hair in the picture but not sure if that worked so well or not. I am smiling now because I had to take at least 20 pictures to get one that I could show so I was laughing inside(I do that often plus I am just a smiler). Kept seeing things in the background like mail on the table, kids would run through, I would have some crazy look on my face, etc. It was pretty funny but I guess you'd just have to be there :)

I think I will do yet another braid out or twist out for tomorrow. Maybe adding the texture will make it look a bit better. Plus...those are my two favorite styles right now since I have a little length these days.

Until next time,
Lock on wit yo bad self!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Change in Plans

Hello All,
There has been a slight change in my hair plans. After combining my locks a few weeks ago and even sewing the ends of a few, I have now taken the combined locks down and am back to my sister locks. After just a couple weeks of growth, I noticed that my hair was filling in EXTREMELY fast and rather nicely. Not being satisfied with waiting through the process of relocking due to combining, I decided to just take the combined locks apart. Although I love the look of bigger locks I didn't have the patients to go through with the combine :(

I have learned through this trial that if I ever decide to ever cut my locks and start over, I will start with a different method such as comb coils or two strand twists so that I can achieve the larger look from the beginning.

Although I feel bad for not being able to be patient enough to go through with my new plan, I am very satisfied with how my sister locks are looking at this point. If you look at the pictures below, you will see that the thinning area has completely filled in. As the locks were two-strand twisted and the hair grew into the parts, I was able to incorporate that new growth into the locks when I did my re tightening.

My scalp feels wonderful and they look great to me. I have also noticed that the shaft of my locks seem to now be more compact; finally they really feel mature. I am again loving my hair, trying new things like twist outs, braid outs, and up dos.

Until next time,
Lock on wit yo bad self!