Monday, June 20, 2011

My New Journey

Hello again,

Sooo....certainly you all weren't thinking that I cut all my hair off were you? Well, I haven't; but I did however combine my locks taking them from Sisterlocks to traditional locks. On June 14, I 2-strand twisted the locks together securing them with black rubber bands just to see if this was an option for me while I did my research on YouTube. I have always considered combining anyway but what better time than now. Immediately a mini afro started growing in the parts and I felt confident that this was going to work out well. I wore the 2-strand twists until yesterday (June 19) when I did my routine weekend wash, added some infusion moisture therapy and repair after washing, moisturized with my usual Jojoba/peppermint oil concoction, and officially twisted my roots for the first time using Organic Root Stimulator lock and twist gel. I would have rather used aloe vera gel which I hear so many ranting about but didn't know where the whole foods store is in Raleigh, NC (which is my new home town as of July of last year). I sat under the dryer under the cool setting for about 20 minutes and let the hair air dry the rest of the way. I went to bed last night with a satin scarf on my head and slept on a satin pillow case. When I woke up this morning, the hair was still neat and tidy. I did not do my usual spritzing but my scalp and hair still felt moisturized. The black rubber bands remain on the ends for now but I plan on sewing each lock some time next weekend so that the rubber bands can come off because I hate the look of them.

-I lost about 2-3 inches of length from combining
-My hair feels clean and fresh
-My scalp feels refreshed already
-The hair already looks and feels thicker as the mini afro was able to be
incorporated into the new traditional locks
-The parting is uneven and the size varies but they still look great to me
-A new lock journey begins...YAY!

The pictures are of the crown of my head after combining, the front view after combining, and an up close view of one lock with rubber band on the end.

Please leave comments as this is totally new for me and I will be learning as I go

Lock on wit yo bad self!


  1. your hair looks nice! I just updated my blog this weekend as well. Come check it out.

    Take Care~

  2. Looks great Sis!! And I'm looking forward to seeing this new journey especially since we're pretty much hair twins. Who knows in 5 years when I hit the big 50 I may consider combining down more and I'll have your journey to look up to. ;-)

  3. Congrats to you on your new journey! I remember how I lost some length too when I combined mine. My hair is just like yours in that they feel fuller and healthier with uneven parts and sizes, lol! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to watch your progress. Do you plan to sew your ends together once you take out the rubber bands? I'm thinking that after some time they would eventually fall off or break after wear and tear. Your locs look great!

  4. fascinated by your post. your blog has been added to my fav tab and i'll be watching your progress. kudos to you!!

  5. congrats on combining! I am following you to keep an eye on your progress. I am sure they will turn out great!

  6. Thank you ladies for all of the support :)