Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Birth of Two Baby Locks

Hello Blog Fam,

I have been MIA because my family is in the middle of a move from Honolulu, HI to Raleigh, NC :( I am currently on a long stay with my parents in Cleveland, OH for the summer while we look for a home to purchase in North Carolina.

As far as my hair goes, everything is still the same. I was getting tired of my locks for a while and thinking of starting over until I completed my re-ti this evening. Now my scalp is feeling refreshed and I am back in love with my locks. Although I love my fuzzies and the way my hair looks when it needs to be tightened, there is no feeling better than having a freshly tightened head and letting the water run over my scalp. i t! Better yet, I was able to start two new locks on my hair line. My mother, my sister, and I all have a thinning hair lines. I was a bit bumbed about that but then the fuzzies started growing in and Yay, two new locks are born. I am now thinking that the thinning had less to do with genetics and more to do with the danaging affects of a relaxer, LOL! Starting the new locks coupled with all the many compliments that I have received since being in town is giving me reason to continue to have patience and to continue on this journey that I so love....I just get side tracked sometimes (hee hee!)

My hair line still has some growing to do but it is looking much less stressed with the addition of the baby locks. Now my followers know that I have been thinking of combining for a while. I secretly combined quite a few of my locks in the front and in the back of my head just to get a feel for combining because this is where the locks were very tiny (This was done months ago). Although I like the bigger locks, combining in the front reduced my density because my hair is very thin and fine there. If I had it to do all over again, I would not have combined at the hair line but rather more in the middle of my's a learning journey as well. The good news is that the roots of the tiny locks that I combined seem to be much stronger, so that's always good right!

Until next time,
Lock on wit yo bad self!

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  1. Yeah, you're still alive and lockin'!!Great.Hope you find a home soon!Thanks for the visual updates as well, I emjoy them.