Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lock Loops....UGG!

Hello all,
I have only been away for about 2 week and it feels like forever. I thought that I would try a bunch of styles and post them for you all but....nope. I am growing to love my freestyle more and more these days. It just feels right and its no fuss. Got to love that! I do however, love to accent with little clips, hair pins, and barrettes. They make me feel like my hair looks different everyday even though its in the same style.

I retightened my hair (I truly dislike the scalpy look after retightening) on the evening of Easter and then tried giving my lock loops another try in hope that it would give me some great style this time.

But, as before, I did not like the results. It looks too Grannyish, if you know what I mean. I need something new and different and my hair seems to only like free styling at this point so I guess I will have to stick with it. I wanted to try the perm rods again, a style that I often wore in the past, but as my locks have matured a bit, they no longer fit nicely around the rods. Many come out uncurled as a result. Although I am loving the free style look, I have to attend a military ball for my husbands Officer School graduation at the end of the month. (Yay! Hubby) Any suggestions on ways I can do my hair for a formal event. The last ball I went to, I used the lock loops and then did an updo. It was OK, but I need a style that doesn't make me look so mature.

I have also been in somewhat of a funk because one thing that is usually great about me is my skin; to my surprise, it has broken out like something terrible. I mean, I didn't even get acne in high school so why is it that now, at age 3? (thirty WHAAAAT?), am I getting skin breakouts? I don't even have a clue as to what to use. I wash my face daily with Noxema and that is about it. I don't know what to use to clear it up because this has never been an issue for me. Maybe some of you great makeup queens can give me some cool makeup tips so at least I can still feel pretty for the ball. I wear eye shadow every now and then but I have no clue on how to really wear makeup. I guess it's time to go back to youtube, LOL! Cinderella's fairy god mother needs to show up QUICK!
PS: Sorry that my pictures are never of good quality but I take them with my camera phone. Shhhh, don't tell anyone that I have a digital camera but have no earthly idea how to upload the pictures. My Hubby usually takes care of all that technical stuff. Since he is away, the camera phone will have o do. I will try to get better y'all. And, don't mind my Alvin and the Chipmunks shirt either, I was only chillin at home all day. I just wanted you all to see the results of the lock loops. I promise I didn't go out like that. HA! At least the kids thought it was cool!.........Aaallll-viiin!

Lock on wit yo bad self!


  1. I like the spiral curls I got with pipe cleaners. They're small enough for your locks to wrap around. Chesaleigh on youtube has a tutorial about it and I posted on my blog about it as well. The curls are awesome and you can put them in an updo for your special event.

    I couldn't tell you about skin care because I've been having the same issue as well. I use Clinique and no makeup, so sorry I'm no help in that area.
    I hope you figure them both out in time! Good Luck!

  2. HI! I dare you....
    Since you want something young and funky why don't you practice with a basic twisted updo then either roll the very ends on perm rods or pipe cleaners, just the very ends OR (this is the dare) after you updo your hair spray a few of the very tips with temporary color. I tried a burgundy 'cause I didn't have the guts to do permanent and guess what, I got compliment after compliment. I especially loved the fact that after the style i was able just wash the color out. Have fun, i am sure you will be gorgeous!!

  3. Ladies,
    I truly appreciate the suggestions. @ Mrs. Honey Dip, I have seen that tutorial by Chescaleigh many times but felt like my locks were too short. Thanks for reminding me of that, I will try it out this weekend and let you all know how it works. @~joy~I will see if I can muster up enough nerve to be as bold as the colored ends....hmmm! I did say I wanted something new and different and that is definitely new and different for me. I'll keep you all posted :)

  4. I have no suggestions whatsoever.Your pics, considering it's a camera phone, are actually quite good in my humble opinion:)

  5. These were PERFECT for when my locs were shorter. And they are so much easier to sleep on. Loves how your hair came out! Oh...and shoot me an email ( so I can give you some tips about the look you're trying to do. :)

  6. Hi Niki. Just came across your blog. Your pictures are delightful. I am a newly locked sister. My lock day was the 26th of I have no idea what to really expect from my hair. I like it, but I too am not crazy about the parts showing. My hair is about 4-5 inches long. Any suggestions will be helpful. As for your adult acne....I had the same problem. Only I was into my forties...try dove (sensitive skin) or purpose soap. Once a week mix a little baking soda and peroxide to make a paste and apply to face. Let sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse off. Be sure to only use a white washcloth and take care not to get on your clothing. Peroxide will act as a bleach. Noxema may be adding to the acne, so discontinue for awhile. An excellent moisturizer is CeraVe. (Over the counter.) Hope this helps. Katherynne.

  7. Thank you for the suggestions Katherynne. Enjoy your lock journey.